Sunday, July 20, 2014

Sunday morning for you too.

Sunday morning for you too.

It's Sunday morning... I felt like doing a sketch, but didn't feel like I wanted to draw the way I usually do, so I tried something different( again).

On a different note.
We are now at $60 000 on our Kickstarter
I can't believe it.. I'll make a thank you note , but, just for now, THANK YOU SO SO SO much everybody. This is amazing!

Lastly... I'll be doing a live Q&A tonight,at 8 Pm ( Pacific time) with Geek Pile.
Here is the link.

have a GREAT ( lazy) Sunday!

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COCO JZ said...

Congrats, P!
Love this kitty and the lighting, colours. It's great that you challenge yourself to change your style and not just continue in the same vein. Love this li'l fellow.