Friday, March 28, 2014

I'm gonna win!

I'm gonna win! #pascalcampionart. This is really just a THANK YOU note. A few months ago I was asked to teach a storytelling class at Dreamworks PDI. Today was the last class there and although I am excited that I made it all the way through, I am a little sad that it's over. I was definitely a little scared before I started it, but, man..what a GREAT group of people the PDI employee/students were, and how easy they made it for me( even If I was not always that easy!) In any case.. a big thank you to Victor Fuste and Angela Lepito at Dreamworks PDI for having me do this. A big thank you to all that attended the classes( especially to all that made it all the way till the end) and to Alex Sherwood, our very creative model! Thank you.

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