Sunday, July 14, 2013

The good ole' days.

Something completely different, I know.. but, it's almost comic con, and I grew up being a HUGE fan of Marvel comics...I have to let it out once in a while. See you all in Comic Con next week! Table G2 for me.


Stephanie Harlow said...

This is so awesome, it hurts.

Paul Ovuoba said...


Aseph ( as-if ) :-) said...

Oh yeah man this rocks!

pascal said...

Thank you

Tsutomu Brelsford said...

Hey Pascal,

I just found your blog and I followed immediately!

This picture reminds me of a graphic novel or something I have seen in the opening of the film "300" and other works remind of me animations I have seen in stuff like Disney movies.

I look forward to your future updates!