Monday, April 29, 2013

Down the river

Little funny fact about this one... We actually did this as kids, on the Tarn river in France, and, rationally, it was NOT a fun experience.. I remember being cold, wet and tired and we tipped over quite a few times.. that said.. now, with the hindsight, it was a wonderful time and I am so glad I did it. Funny how that works, hu?


paweł miedziński said...

Absolutely love this! Thank you for the inspiration.

pascal said...

Thank you

Balbylon said...


On retrouve totalement l'ambiance de la météo française de ce mois d'avril. Froid et humide. Le printemps tarde à venir.

On est bien loin du soleil californien.

Colette (Coco) said...

As an adult, you appreciate childhood events more, don't you?
Maybe it's b/c you realize how simple life was for you as a kid.

Unknown said...

This is an amazing fact of life that make your art so completely livefull!

Thank you!
Kim Vika

Unknown said...

This is an amazing fact of life, that makes your art so completely lifefull!

Thank you
Kim Vika, Kyrgyzstan