Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Water Baby and Comic Con

I am on my way down to San Diego for Comic Con today.. If you come by the show, please stop by.. our table is G03 and we're going to have a bunch of new prints, with bigger and smaller sizes, and books! For those who can't come... I will be back in a little more than a week. Cheers. Have a GREAT week! P


Nic said...

Fabulous colours as always. Wish I could be there to grab a book! Hope you have a great time :)

Anonymous said...

c'est beau l'été, la mer, le soleil !
et bel hommage de l'ami Boulet à Pascal sur :



Balbylon said...

Je viens de voir que l'on peut commander le Artbook en ligne sur le site d'Ankama. Je fais chauffer ma carte bancaire ce soir!

Amanda said...

I am so disappointed that I won't be able to attend Comic Con this year. Last year was my first time attending and your table was my favorite in the entire place! It was so great meeting you (I am one of the twins that came by toward the end) and I am going to ask my sister to buy a print or book for me while she is there! Have a great time!

Marie-Helene said...

J'adore! Il ressemble à mon petit garçon. Je suis toujours aussi fan! C'est magnifique!

Jenny Sherman said...

ah so cute, want to jump in and swim too! Have fun at Comic Con!

Eric said...

Made another morning!

I love how the color/texture of the pool really creates depth.

Madeleine Passeli said...

J'ai eu la chance de vous connaitre a Comic Con. J'espere que vous reviendrez l'annee prochaine. Votre art est lumiere et moment de la vie.

Rowena said...

Hi Pascal!

My husband Dan just got back home (Quebec City)and gave me two of your books. He told me you gave one of them to us as a gift!! Thank you very much! I wish I had a chance to meet you when you were in Quebec.

You're an inspiration!! I hope you and your family had a wonderful time in San Diego!

Rowena dlc