Friday, September 12, 2008

TiCouz... the name of a crepe place in San Francisco.
A GREAT place to have a warm lunch with friends on a dreary Friday afternoon....Crepes and french onion soup...yummy!


Dougmian said...

Nice expressions! I liked the colors and the ambient light!

Breadwig said...

Looks warm and comforting and fun. The closest thing we have to Crepe place here is IHOP. :(

Alan said...

Wait, how are you drawing and not sleeping?

That is a really good crepe place. They have great espresso as well.

Ryan Green said...

Man...I stop checking blogs for a week and look what happens. You go and have a baby! Congrats, Pascal. She's very cute. Great to see you still have time for drawing.

pascal said...

(^_^) Thanks guys!

Alan... I draw in my sleep, didn't you know?