Wednesday, May 02, 2007

In the mood for death

No, No, I'm not in the mood for death.
This is just the title of a short live action movie that London Squared productions, from New York is working on. Andy and Carolyn London, the owners and creators of the film asked me to help them out by doing some designs for their title sequence.
They had a great jazzy like score to help me, and, these are some of the designs I came up with.
Individually, they're not that exciting, but they move pretty well. Here's a link to the "animatic".

Anyhow. Can't do any sketching so, I'll just be posting some of the stuff I'm finishing up. Almost there, almost there. One more project to finish, and it's just a straight line to the big W day!


jd said...

ok- I'll get my adjectives straight this time . . it's enchanting! And so will your big W day be- just had to see something inspiring today- thanks for the fun primary color pallet dance of death animatic- interresting song- it's like skipping to one's demise or something-
jd = your fan

Lee said...

Hey terrific use of silhouette!

great stuff!

Tony C. said...

Beautiful design and simplistic color choices. It's cool that the film is doing a cool animated title sequence. It seems to be a lost aspect of films these days.

Chris Battle said...

Inspired and inspiring!

Keath007 said...

Totally fab!

pascal said...

Thanks guys. Sorry for the no response..I was "busy"