Thursday, July 06, 2006

good bye monsieur Roba

When I was a kid, I used to read this comic strip called BOULE et BILL, about a little cocker and the kid that owned it.
In that strip, a lot of time, the paintings on the walls would feature little birds that would react to the situation in the panels.
Obviously, This had a great influence on me later on.
The author, named Roba, just passed away a few weeks ago, but I just learned about it today.


Ajay Karat said...
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Ajay Karat said...

Hay Pascal, you got a really sharp eye for details :)
One on my fave cartoonists Mario Miranda used to follow a similar technique and strangely not many artists (to my knowledge) do that. It was always amusing how Mario Miranda would use framed characters used to contribute to the joke, non-verbally.
this may not be the best example
but you can see what

pascal said...

Hey Karat!!

Thanks for the nice word.

That picture of Miranda is actually pretty much whar roba would do.

Maybe, Roba would pushhis birds a bit further than that , like making them roll over in laughter, or come out of the frame depending on the scene..but that is the idea!