Monday, June 19, 2006

ambush....the street of surbuban Paris....

I made it!

Today was a super rough day at work.
handling one title is already enough, two, is definitely tricky..but SEVEN?
seven games to oversee??

Thank god it's not going to last.
meanwhile.. Sam inspired me to do something with this sketch wasn't suposed to be like this, but, hey, inspiration comes in all shapes and forms, doesn't it?

hmm.. And now, I'm seeing that mike is challenging me?
litl bastard!


BLECHA! said...

great shapes on the houses and trees, pascal.

who's the 4th person on the flying carpet?

pascal said...

the fourth person is BLOM.
he's a young artist from the north of europe.

He started jumping in and drawing stuff with us.. so.. now, he's in the story as well!